Philipp Ruppert

During the Financial Crisis Philipp gained valuable insights into the management of the bank in 2017 – 2020 as executive assistant to the Chief Risk Officer and member of the Management Board. Thereafter he assumed the role of Western Europe Treasurer in the Regional Treasury division and got promoted to Director. His responsibilities included primarily liquidity and capital management as well as the coverage of other regulatory and risk related topics for the legal entities in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria and Switzerland. In 2017 he was appointed as Germany Treasurer and was responsible for legal entities in Germany and jointly responsible for Treasury’s Brexit preparations.

In 2019 Philipp was appointed as Deputy Head of the Capital Supply Management Team. In this capacity his key responsibilities included the analysis and sign-off of the Bank’s own investment- and divestment projects from a Treasury perspective, management of the firm’s share buybacks, hedging of equity-based compensation plans and Treasury’s representation at the Bank’s Annual General Meeting. Furthermore, he was in charge of the Bank’s global legal entity capital plan which included the assessment of business plans and capital requests of subsidiaries and branches and capital injections into these entities.

Philipp holds a degree in Banking & Finance of Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.